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Celebrating snippets!

What is this study material? Documentary? (I'm going with captions in traditional, but I'm not sure whether the dialogue entirely matches simplified.) Thought at first it was occupational training for amputees in the 1970s, but what's it got to do with film awards? 77 years' worth of archived films as of, I estimate, three years ago? (And "Boozing The" what now?) There's a lot of 面 here, and considering examples shown in the archive were almost entirely rust and powder or oy, in a pile of not-recycling, that's a lot of fiddly work to smooth those 面 out.

Also taking a moment to wonder why there are two characters in two separate period dramas with the same name. (I should say same-sounding, as I don't know the 汉字.) Is it a frequently-used name for such characters, in the same way as the 太医? Both characters look like they have similar functions within their stories; and going by the costumes, they're still 1,000 years apart.

Adding these reminders to 酒肉朋友 that it's still there, 微软.

Adding this because I think they'll notice sooner than anticipated. (Also, vocab 尖閣.)

Before I forget - eyes front.

Ending with this because I couldn't resist.

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