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Had a shot recently at measuring a decision or two while taking time away from the fanfic that cobbles together the recommendations in my news feed, but as a reminder that there's more than one aggregator on the market, I'll have a mix of articles from the ones I've got to hand.

I'd like to think it's useful to have this article on what drives a government connected to these three articles (actual use of lectern, not podium) and what's behind their treatment of education, a common theme of becoming the very oppression they claim to counter. On the other hand, it's a relief seeing this coverage regarding corrections to information in news broadcasts and treatment of the available information. Once again, these articles refer to the same elements I mentioned in my last post, those I really ought to see as global at this point, but elements that still convey the feeling of the scales tilted to one side over the other.

There was a woman in an article I linked to earlier (one with a video, if I remember correctly) who testified on her choice to support a particular movement; and if the articles I've collected here further explain why I think she made that choice, one made because the opposing movement reflected the philosophy of the 国 she fled, then so much the better. I'm glad to see at this point that more than myself have their guard up now that the klaxons have sounded. (Thanks for the color-related vocab, by the way. It almost makes up for the optics in this.)

By the way, I'm glad to read "debasing others while elevating oneself in itself is not democratic at all" if only in the hope that the 狼 to whom this quote belongs is aware that it's still there, 微软. This article goes into the issues within multiple countries, the awareness of those issues, and a comparison of the sensitivity about those issues.

(Movie night provided an unexpected example - I wonder if the current environment has resulted in this movie being censored or assigned a warning label the way this one's been. Also, belated question on the paternity of the third son.)

Ending with this - bit of an adverticle, I think, but still good news.

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