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Chance ties that bind?

On a rerun broadcast that - I'm thinking the umbrella of big tech and anti-trust is such that the tie is slight between the onscreen testimony and recommendations still pink enough to continue with this my choice. (When it comes to this my choice, I think I initially used the color to refer to artificial sweetness, and have since seen it used by nationalistic online support for a particular foreign administration. The collection of social media posts lean toward the second, though closer than I'd rather see. I'm leery of comparing this form of online support to any catlike behavior, but I'd like to think one can do better than pink in covering such posts.)

Huh. Also in the second sense of pink, there's an unexpected, though slight, link to the testimony - data brokerage ties in through inferences of active military service. With these resources available to me, I can infer connections through speculations I make in part to entertain myself, so it's strangely reassuring to hear research-backed testimony that information can be purchased and similar inferences made by companies that purchase this information.

- Same hearing. Got notes on people recounting '25 or fewer people a day' and 'from the moment we enter the parking lot, we are monitored' and 'twice the level of injuries,' regular equipment maintenance compared to workers' treatment, fees and commissions built into third-party sellers' and wholesalers' prices, policies to restrict sellers to one marketplace, duplicating other sellers' products.

Changes really are restrained to ads, and the testimony makes たこ焼き sound really good right about now. (Speaking for myself, I'm hungry enough to mean literal octopus, but TB might want to watch out for that revolution.)

- Such conditions as these are caused by more than a 国's energy policies, but with such timing that both citizens and non-citizens are affected.

- Adding this encouraging bit of - not exactly rewilding, but an attempt at a balm for that immediately above.

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