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In which the waves still look the same

Channel surfing. There was a rerun from Wednesday on just a bit earlier, and I wanted to get my notes down in another part of this environment - an eye 看 "export control initiative" and "National Offshore Oil Corporation." (Nearly forgot to add this, since "the long game" is in more than one state.)

Also, what mischaracterization is being referred to here? Does it refer in any way to voter ID requirements, something to prevent ineligible voters and sounds like the "anti-voting laws" phrase that's repeated in the rerun from Tuesday? Thanks to Lotus to POTUS for the reminder of those who work "to get the results they want and to discredit those they don't." (Speaking of POTUS, yet another reminder that the same stumble from the campaign is back in this broadcast.)

Adding this because my earlier curiosities happen to connect to the current issue with shelves.

Adding this as well because it was only a matter of time before the language issue came up in another group, and mas mabuti nga nag-gamit sila ng o at a.

Adding this too because Trek, pineapple, peanut butter.

Ending with this because out of the rerun recommendation topics, this is one I enjoy seeing.

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