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Checking definitions

Heard the term 'Emoluments Clause' on the radio just now. The word 'emolument' itself is synonymous with payment, and here's the clause itself. Read this article just recently, and with the information from both radio and article, there's a comparison between food purchases and presents of cash and jewels. The names of the people involved, the amount of money, the stone itself - if these pieces of information can be more definitively checked, I'd expect someone who's positioned to examine and publish such information to be more able to do so than I am, and sooner than I have.

Applying the clause to someone who isn't an elected official himself might be a tricky thing, but I have to wonder if purchasing someone in this way didn't prompt some awareness of "external influence and corruption," particularly at such a near remove from those at elevated posts.

Keeping these articles handy because 掠夺者.

Ending with this because I always wondered what this sort of film would look like if it wasn't a person cranking the camera - should snowfall only count if it can be made into snowballs, or is it enough to count in that category the odd sprinkle of quick-melters on the sidewalk?

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