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Checking replays

Drat, I didn't catch the ep marker on this study material. I think it's 28, though. 这儿, 那儿, 哪儿? And the lock on the door looks mildly blanket scenario. I'm entertained, but reminded of Aesop.

Repetition of a narrative, one based on a continuous supply of bad information, for a time period prolonged to the point where questioning becomes quantifiable? (Expand the graph and keep scrolling.) Yeah, meme sweatshop, that is gaslighting; and who'll ensure that it isn't repeated? You?

Eyes on.

On that note, why are the eyeliner wings red?

Adding this because 豺狼流于.

Adding another opportunity (video from 1:12) to post reminders (check that conference call). When one side of the divide uses broadcast, print, online, and offline resources to push its policies with these results, accurate song about singer's and contemporaries' situation is accurate. You're in the feed more than in the background noise, but keep singing anyway!

And to address the issue tied to the song, here's another heads up on complacency:

"...Military absentee ballots are unique in that no ID is required, and military voters also don't need to be registered in order to get a ballot sent to them."

"Though they collectively exceed the populations of most small states... Many of them are eligible to vote, though only a small fraction of them actually do."

Adding this oof. (Attaching this here because really, sundowner? And how would that spew, I wonder?)

Confirmed: study material is Ep 28, and translation of 你这是 = "this is?" though lock was less blanket scenario than I thought. (Hang on - they jumped from Ep 3-ish to Ep 27-28 in less than a week-ish? Why isn't it playing in sequence?) Adding a note that it has to be 女人不要匹夫, not just 女不要匹夫 - and so far, it looks like 演员不可以拉侵. (Dude, I am officially hooked on this.)

Ending with this because I'm curious.

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