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Chocolate souffle time!

Such a found-my-brooch (not broach) moment, this.

Bumped into news on another way to use SEO - not exactly a surprise that this usage has been studied, but it's wonderful to have the pattern confirmed. And of course, since this is the sort of technology that starts small and builds up to nuclear, I think I can comfortably speculate that it can be and has been used similarly regarding entities smaller than countries. It should only be a matter of time before the news aggregator on which I found this article comes up with more information that I can use. Other than material for screenshots, that is.

Adding some articles (unable or unwilling?) because from the 恶劣 treatment they've undergone, 他们和你们不是家人.

Adding some more because 豺狼 fits better here. Vocab: 台湾; 斐济, 密克罗尼西亚(the "never impose anything on other countries" bit is a laugh).

Adding these because 酒肉朋友 and 乌克兰.

Adding this because a not-gay-enough phase has happened as well, so considering history's tendency to rerun, I'm wondering what the writer in question intends to do when both hit at once. 伞.

Ending with this because music happened.

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