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I was wondering where this article went. Entertaining as the videos are on the app in question, the news on the app's algorithm gamification is why I kept well clear; and since they're easily viewed without adding another login to the list, I can still keep well clear while having all the fun and none of the corporate espionage. (Or WTUF this is - then again, they did say 'unlimited.')

On a more serious note, I add this article to tie in with the above, especially for the line: "Life online can make celebrities appear only in the forms we want to see them. It renders them unreal." (More so than photo editing and cosmetic surgery, at any rate. Applauding the degree - sit and swivel - doesn't erase 8% purses any more than it does nicked designs.)

When it comes to the prevalence of star charts and card games as a sales pitch, I have to agree with those that say its hold is due to a search for something on which to base their choices that's outside the human-wrought, however unreal. For myself, a standout line in this article reads, "Remember all these catastrophes are self-induced. They are choices, not fate." If astrology is true, then the fault for the consequences of the choices people make isn't entirely theirs. To that, I say Miss Cleo is at least two apps past superfluous - fascinating as stories of both people are, a reader can easily enough see the bull in this assessment of stars.

Drawing things back into the realm of the real, I take notice of writers who, for example, support a policy promoted by a group they're part of, and yet are nonetheless willing to criticize that group, from what I read. This isn't the first article in recent memory that's done so, but if things are going all up in the air, it's articles like this that show some reassuring movement down to earth.

A digression to mention the search for one good reason to believe in a scion whose family just exemplified the worst stereotype of his country's politicians, making still there 微软 a shared language with the mainland he's tied to rather than the archipelago whose election he was just part of. Ito ba ang itutuloy mo? (Had a feeling the grammar was off - backup proved me right.)

Adding these two because focus.

Ending with this because focus.

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