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Collection 11/1/21

To put matters kindly, the reporter who originated the massive mishear that ended up on a flight announcement may not have wanted to air an expletive. To put matters the way I think they happened... the reporter was directly in front of the crowd, as was the camera recording the event, and the reporter's chosen which side to support in how she presents the events around her. If the field of journalism is looking to improve its optics, it would have been preferable to see something other than a brand-spanking new instance of the news presenting a live event as something it isn't. (Addendum: yikes.)

Grow past the pretty packaging and cap-tooth presentation, do, and consider (as a radio commentary mentioned just recently) that there are at least two regimes that won't weaken themselves in order to follow the example of someone they don't respect. If they have energy sources they can use to forward their agenda, they'll use that energy. Building renewable energy sources is arguably a good thing, but I'll say again that until they're ready to meet the needs people currently have, the steadiest supply of energy is preferable, green or otherwise.

Meanwhile, keeping an eye on these issues as matters progress here.

Ending with this article because it's a lovely idea that could be adapted to in-ground gardening, and before the last part of the post because screenshots.

Having a clear image of something makes it easier to face it. Therefore, when it comes to recommendations from this aggregator,

I hope it'll understand that,

among other things it's recommended,

this set of clones are a no, no, and no.

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