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Collection 6/12/21

- I always thought coverage on this issue was more of an attack on science, especially when the issue was accompanied by articles more concerned with hyping aquarium chemicals than explaining why or examining whether the actual drug might have been effective against the condition it was used to treat. (Also curious about this treatment - how much coverage has there been on it?) But I digress.

The word hubris has to have been attached to this issue at this point in time. Reading multiple articles on the point provides some context on changing tacks given new information, which is helpful among depictions of a person who's connecting the concept of science to himself rather than to a means by which one seeks and finds answers.

- Repetitive, I know, but I wonder if 妄自尊大 has been applied to this issue? It's taking some serious twisting to find any form of silver lining here, to consider that maybe the politician in a cassock has issues enough to make him cede religious leadership to a 熊兄弟 who's 贪权 enough to place himself where he shouldn't. (Not sure I'm using those last two characters correctly in the sentence, but that term's the nearest to the intended sentiment. Also, still there, 微软.)

Despite the title of one of the earlier articles, I find that what chafes is the silence - in one case, words withheld from those harmed; in the other, words withheld from those who did harm. Either way, looks to me like the politician in a cassock's providing cover to those who do damage in the first place.

- "Muscle flexing?" Something like this, maybe? I wonder at all the articles that put this look further out of reach.

- Reading multiple articles on this show has the advantage of portraying all the effort to make its host seem careful about the issue on which he's speaking, for all that I'd rather read about this show after the fact than actually watch it. However, I'm more likely to be moved by another account (seriously, how many do you need?) of a woman comparing a current cultural phenomenon to one she's lived through, and not so much by someone on a soundstage playing at white knight.

- If K-Heil's on a diet, I would have thought music to be a soother. I'd like to take this opportunity to suggest pancakes. (Views on this-again boy bands aside, those who might support this sort of regime might want articles on how its citizens are treated because of the music they choose.)

- Ending on this article that reminded me of these sweets. I could call both of them colonizer foods; I could experiment and call one 殖民菜; or, as I did earlier, I could call them crossroads foods. And then enjoy dessert.

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