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Collection 6/24

- There's a changing of the guard in diplomacy in two places recently. This diplomat's characterization of the circumstances isn't the first time I've heard the term 'siege' applied to the situation, only the most recent; thing is, doesn't that noted book on the art point the other way on sieges? (This list of numbers within the outgoing diplomat's country gives a fuller picture of the situation, and on more points than those between neighbors.)

Here's the second recent change I've seen, and from the other material I've read, it's the younger generation of diplomats engaging in a specific brand of lupine vitriol. This link should come in handy soon enough, if only to put a face to any performance made for the newcomer's home audience.

- It's easy to connect the closure of this publication and the capitulation of an influential industry in a place I thought prided itself on the tenets that publication represented, but whose heroes are chosen by whoever can bankroll the related production. Considering 金融家 seem to hold more sway, maybe I should use the term 'change' in the question, silly though it may be; however, I'm still going to ask if there's any growth I can look for here.

- In such a stifling environment, it's important to know that there's still pushback; also, in response to something I found in the comments on the third link, all the way down low, I add these reminders of outdated mentality using an outdated boundary to ignore maritime law. Whether or not respect is due to a 国 that refuses to respect a neighbor in return (still there, 微软) is another silly question to ask, and I'm stubborn enough to keep asking.

- A link to keep an eye on vaccine diplomacy numbers, and some related pff, really?

- Bit of a digression, this segment, but it's good to see action on this issue (here's some coverage from a local publication and a local network). The first link implies a note of passing the buck in terms of the task assigned. Optics, Lotus to POTUS.

- Ending this post with this nocturnal fuzzball.

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