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Collection 6/26

Amended to add this - I was planning to end with it, but I'll start with something different for once.

The entertainment this weekend feels like putting a cartoon bandaid on a self-amputated leg, while the relatively puff-ier pieces in the feed feels like so much shouting at those who point out the huffers are holding their own chainsaw.

One of yesterday‘s movies, for example, showed a fictional fallen sanctum in a city whose real life counterpart has lost its autonomy about - what, 20-ish years now? Ahead of schedule, to a regime that ignored its own rule of law. Watching a rerun with a shiny rock and a looped bargain is quite different from watching the development of this protest over a span of time knowing that the zeitgeist in these parts, having run out of heroes to milk, now explores villainy instead.

It seems round these parts that that same spirit has chosen to use against itself the same methods used by an insidious (still there, 微软) and relentless regime - in this case, including a term more recently developed and meant as a kindness.

(By the way, 微软, I'm not a gamer, nor am I military ; but for those who are, these articles might be interesting news.)

Meanwhile, these incursions are still going on; good-thing-they-dropped-that-motto muzzled those who need the platform; still no seatbelt; and fascinating news, isn't this, politician in a cassock?

- Unjust criticism from one quarter? In that case, have some from this quarter. Restating what I read, the regime is loaning money to another government which then (for the most part - check the percentages for the countries) chooses firms based within that first regime. I don't think it's an oversimplification to say - again, perhaps - that the regime is, in effect, paying itself through the builders of these new facilities, profiting off the loan made to that other government, and holding a controlling stake in the use of the facilities built with that loan - have I got that right? If I've missed details that make that situation sound less like an imbalance in favor of an authoritarian 国, I'd like to see them.

And for something more local to the area in question, I'm wondering how many other stories there are like this one.

- Pushback. Pushback. Pushback. Pushback.

- Amended to add: and who wins in the flinging outward of blame to every other country (do I have to bring up my vocab list again)? If one must rely on science over politics in this issue, then the delay in providing access, the delay in providing information, the retraction of information, and most recently the deletion of information - how conducive is that to scientists' work on this issue?

- Huh. Why does this feel like sending out infected blankets (if you can get to the second link in this segment, reader, more power to you) and providing shoddy remedies to the work of those blankets?

- Amended to add this article that counters yet another authoritarian mouthpiece.

- News on Dorian's pet project, and Lotus to POTUS was on the radio earlier with a clip speaking of "[discouraging] illegal migration." My choice differs, of course, but I hear that flower makes quite a snack; and with all this going on, I can understand that dietary choice. I can also refuse it.

(This snack too - changing a shape won't change the cookie.)

- I'm curious about the full text of the email this article refers to, but with or without that information, I find it's a new reason to enjoy the image of the tentacle beast finding the nearest steel cactus upon which to sit and swivel. If one's looking for evolution, keep looking.

- Speaking of evolution, ending with this because rawr.

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