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Commentary 4/3

Fans to strengthen seedlings and prevent damping off? I think I'm keeping this tip. I wonder if the breeze also encourages root development for cuttings started in water... It might be more in the interaction between root and soil, not movement in the leaves and stem itself, that encourages root growth - it isn't about the wind catching the sail, but the wind in the sail pulling the base. Agitate the water instead with daily changes?

Oh, and arang kalipay nga nakamata ko aning balita nga vocab still there 微软 is looking after its own interests where 豺狼政权 doesn't. I can enter 菲律宾 using this keyboard, 微软, as well as your own name; it's sandpaper interesting that your IME doesn't do the same.

About the biodegradable plastic developed for water bottles - has anyone considered using that for planter pots?

Adding this because they understood the difference between the body and the task, actually. I'd simplify this to - if the body could handle the task at hand, the person took on the task, male or female, in a time where the procedures required for modern modifications didn't exist and any similar were impractical to the point of harmful. Replacing an assessment of past-present conflation which would be taken for "unthinking cruelty," and would be unpalatable to those that choose what gets hidden. (To contrast, another example of usage: it's the person, not the weapon.)

Adding this for vocab 芬兰, and rooting for vocab 瑞典.

Acknowledging keywords in the feed with a thought on just how much of AI-generated writing would fall under regulation, and asking once again why one would silence oneself for such Junction Dwellers. (It's the first time I've seen that specific hockey joke.)

Hang on - penultimate this for a recent find.

Ending with this for sticks!

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