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Commentary 2/23

Revisiting 菊花, and while subtitles have long been one of my favorite things, I'm finding it odd watching this 电影 without captions now.

Inspired by a recent read, I look at - among other things - numbers, current events and recent history, and entertainment. 你们的国女人不喜欢你们, considering how that part of the population is treated - condolences to the pink chick, and I have the odd feeling that she was addressed as 桃色头. (Here I thought you lot valued learning. Oy.) 你们的邻女人不喜欢你们, considering that they're marrying against their will. A shallow consideration, but 你们的电视的男人是 (more fitting clip) - remind me to check how many are borrowing from 南韩 when it comes to surgeries... Yep.

Given this information, I ask - 在这个世界, 什么女人喜欢匹夫? But hey, at least such people can consider that this is among their competition. (Though perhaps I should say partners.)

Adding these for vocab 斯里兰卡, 巴基斯坦, 赞比亚, 苏里南; 肯尼亚, 衣索比亚, 吉布提, 加纳, 刚果, 土耳其; 巴基斯坦 again; still there, 微软 (are you serious, 豺狼?).

Adding these for 너 이후 - 바보.

Ending with this because these 河蟹 sound like they're worth a shot.

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