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Commentary 2/24

Hi - did I mention ingredient lists are handy study material? (Almost certain I did.) Going by the characters on this seasoning oil, I'm generalizing to this rule - if each term contains either the character for flower or the radicals for rice, tree, or grass, it's a safe bet the entire contents are vegetarian. This list has one ingredient that doesn't contain any of those radicals, and that one translated to MSG. Still need to check the pattern on other samples. (Translation: eat more.) Huh. Is this study material in three languages? English, 한국어, 普通话? I thought it was a conversation between the older and younger, with a translator dubbing in 普通话 (no captions - bleh). Now I'm thinking it's the elder starting in 한국어 and the younger translating into English - same dub.

HAH! It took a pile of other study material to catch 儿 in dialogue when coming back to this 电影. And 我说你, and 当然.

Allocating a snippet to these articles here. (Don.) Adding the following because yes, I saw this news; however, I'm betting on the audience looking at how this 'artless' saga resolves rather than how it continues. (If, in accordance with reports, you wanted to be the headliner, looks like you got it.)

Adding this because yay progress to 一百九十九! (Not yea.)

Penultimate these two for a look at multiple scales. And does this part ever look lots like transplanting rice.

Ending with this because I don't see how Yorkshire pudding can be a pudding, but it is, and it's delicious anyway. (Why a ferret? Off the walls.)

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