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Commentary 2/28

GAAH! WHEN DID THIS START?! Seriously kicking myself for catching the end credits of what's a new-to-me period drama. The 女演员 looked right familiar as well...

'Phase out the Big Four' for "data security" reasons? I wonder how closely this ties in. And 'it's not the right atmosphere' for people to call? Considering the 'atmosphere' surrounding a fratello who might be thanked for complicit silence and a prime minister who is geographically and in several ways metaphorically closer, what exactly is the 'atmosphere' 熊兄弟 is looking for?

Looks to me like a desire to obtain fear from and favor of others, in the knowledge that 豺狼's hold on either is insecure; do all these countries' bans reflect a similar sentiment, then? More info points to reasons I for one refuse to be a source, specifically still there 微软 and projection as neighbors encircle. (Dude! Last I read, vocab 澳大利亚 and 日本 were separate-ish issues, but I'm most gratified to find in my search information that links them. Also spotted this in the process, a read of which prompts me to ask of the detractors - ano ba ang presyo nyo? To translate, looking for a video of a candidates' debate that touched on legislation about bribery.)

Sparing a thought for a comedy cowboy film in a train of thought that compares jambag schoolbooks to outright rewrites.

Ending with this - light, mass, energy, particles, beam, amplify?

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