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Commentary 3/1

Huh. 茅膏菜 和 竹节虫. 他们 在 哪儿 我 不 知道. Recognizing 汉字 on sight, along with their 拼音 and their associated meanings - that's coming along fine on screen and keyboard. However, being able to handwrite them on demand isn't there yet. I wonder if mouth-moon-flag versus moon-flag is an existing mnemonic.

I tend to find any works rewritten by other than the author as a disservice to that person; however, having an author's explicit consent makes a huge difference in a rewrite. An estate, though, introduces the interpretation of others who then have to trust themselves that the changes made are "in line" with the author's earlier agreement. It's a slippery slope, and an instance that looks to me like another straw on the camel.

Like a person who was visibly unfit for office who's now out of office for longer than earlier reported.

Like two people I can tie together using information other than race, gender, or sexual orientation.

Like another segment of the legal system redressing the balance where a technicality allowed for a dodged bullet.

Like watching a Cable Opinion Network tank, and knowing I don't have to rely on a counterweight whose ratings rely on more than backstage politics - what one won't show, another outlet will.

Because what's covered up shows up eventually, one way or another (thank you ever so, 40%); and congratulations on the good people you chose to represent late-stage Rome.

Sparing a thought for an up-in-the-air court case on buying poll numbers through dubious means, as well as the difference between 'body as a machine' athletic performance versus chop shop parts.

Adding these articles to keep an eye on 哭, 豺狼, for 一百九十八 and still there, 微软.

Ending with this because yum.

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