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Commentary 3/10

她在哪里? (Time stamp 1:33.) And why do I have the oddest feeling that this is another 三角 in the making? Oh - 他是太子和大哥和痴汉豺狼匹夫. Also, tested 千里油 mixed with 老干妈, which taste good mixed and are far less spicy a seasoning than expected.

(The oil goes well with more than wontons.)

And I wonder if roots can grow out of the stem where the seed leaves connect? (Take that, drop-down menu!)

Since one of the things one can control is the choice between speech and silence, I continue:

I'm sure Sundowner understands the cynicism enduring so long as there are memes on egg prices and articles that list proteins by cost per weight.

The radio comes in handy to raise questions on who tied whose hands and then penalized those tied for what they were prevented from doing.

I seem to recall linking to news on an indie documentary about the media, one that was hidden because, despite the documentarists' affiliation, their subject matter painted the common narrative in an unflattering light.

I thought I might add this reason to question what respect one ought to have for the sort of deafness no language can pierce.

To restate, that list of movies I referred to earlier was touted by its compiler as woke: that is, displaying a tolerance and awareness (aware, awake, woke) of cultural differences, a term with which I disagree because it still seems like those who claim such tolerance and awareness act in direct opposition (I think that article I linked to earlier referred to a podcast that had a fella with glasses who made a Holocaust comment cough-not-Guinan-cough). Whyever would Definition-Of-Woke Don feel the way he does, I wonder?

Comparing the choice made by those who have none versus those who I'd like to think still do (and prove Carlin right anyway cough-what-prime-cough).

Needless to say, pinks 和皇后的弟弟, I most vehemently disagree.

Thanks to one of a number of sources that are not a counterweight. (Or a babysitter of a press secretary.)

Cheering progress to 一百九十八.

Ending with this because hindi pa ako nakatikim.

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