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Commentary 3/11

Inordinately cheerful about these plants! Checked another vid (which I'm looking for) that questioned whether it was better to starting the onion bases in water as opposed to directly where they're meant to grow. I'd rather start them in water before transplanting into potting mix, simply because it's easier to observe the roots growing rather than wondering whether the cut onions are just mouldering in the soil. Gives them a head start as well, I'd say. And I wonder if networks realize that broadcasting reruns of that caliber only reminds me of what they're willing to do for a Sundowner. Triggered by evidence of careless woo-woo? Congratulations on earning keywords Edelman and 40%.

Watch that mob, fratello. (I warn because another visible person spoke out for a dissenter who called for dialogue, and got barred from her own books as a result.)

Apparently, CNN determined that its (not it’s) viewers did not deserve honesty, so it decided to outright lie to them and continue to undermine the integrity of an election by withholding evidence on the origin of a global disease and a favored candidate's nepotism bordering on treason until it had no other choice, focusing on politically correct language instead of pandemic cause and treatment or on the matters they condemn in one and overlook in another. (Also corroboration.) Rogan has his example in horses; the one I have is in fish - either way, I congratulate the Cable Opinion Network on their numbers.

A reminder of my stance on complicit silence.

The opposite of "sleep" is "wake." The opposite of "woke" is that which improves literacy and crime rates.

Vocab 密克罗你西亚 is easier on a full keyboard.


First of all, take that, mobile formatting!

Second of all, ending with these because nakatikim na ako nito.

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