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Commentary 3/15

OK, I got this background noise in storage better than I thought, though I combined the blue cheese and the dressing. Comparing accents between the native speakers and someone I suspect is a 二世 highlights a slight but noticeable difference. And one would think that an accent would come through even while using a voice changer - the sound itself might be higher or deeper or raspier than the original depending on device settings, but if I'm right, it can only work with what it gets. If the mouth that makes the sound shapes an "ouw" rather than an "oh," it's the "ouw" that gets changed. I detail all this to wonder why such a device has a North American accent for an East Asian speaker. And how do you sleep with hair pinned up like that, drunk or otherwise? Huh. 不 是 三角. Noting, but not linking to, a likely explanation of 公主 的 家人; and that just because the historical figure and the fictional character based on him are both dead (yeah, I'm not asterisk-ing that), doesn't mean one has to follow their example.

Shouldn't this publication in its entirety, and the writer specifically, be pleased that The Sundowner chose to step aside? As a collective, as well as individually, you voted for a candidate for reasons "too numerous and obvious to go through" and "for strictly pragmatic reasons."

Or did I misunderstand when I use the word "chose" because Sundowner did want to broker?

Except... Here's your candidate, Fred.

Maybe I should give him the benefit of the doubt, as he and his party are a bit tied up?

Ending with this because you go, little dudes.

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