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Commentary 3/16

I definitely like historical and mythological dramas better, as well as action-laden mysteries. The later study material's not bad - contemporary slice of life stuff - but I'm glad of other means to access the show that sparked a memory of vocabulary distinctions between paternal versus maternal relatives. And what should I run into but an episode focusing on 家人 vocab! Beh-heh. Figures. Oy, 女儿 的 爸爸 在 哪里 她 不 知道... 他 是 妈妈 的 爸爸, 不 是 孩子 的 - understood enough of the dialogue to see how the poor wee one knows the difference.

Oh, why so suspicious about a few bases, 豺狼?They're about as innocuous as those artificial islands, with the openness of being on established sites. (And am I glad to find vocab 菲律宾 here, even if 微软 sees fit to remain unobliging.) (42 to 5?)

Adding info that links to what was on the radio - the speakers mentioned the video platform used similar methods to other social media, as did this first article.

But I wonder if they recalled the reporters?

Ending with this play on languages instead and wondering if this is an entirely food-related channel.

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