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Commentary 3/2

Hah! Showtimes for new-to-me period drama! (Study material. I meant study material. And 女演员 is a ringer, all right, but the voice is a shade deeper. I might be off on that - context-dependent voice change? What did lock-the-ringer-in-with-the-豺狼 不知道? 宫奴人 不 知道 什么? And 小豺狼's only penalty is to slap himself? What the sweatshirt did I miss in the first three? 你 是 太子 也 大哥 也 豺狼 匹夫. 哭, 豺狼 有 头的痛.) And if the context is a smartphone with a QR code for the term 手x, I wonder if "handy" is related, or if the 汉字 are instead linked to the QR code. Also, among the alliums, the garlic's doing better than the onions, likely because there's a bigger relative amount of bulb. Yeesh, captioner - if the sound effects are 'fwoom fwoom kssh,' chances are the dialogue isn't "saver," but 'saber.' (Trek not Wars.)

Adding the screenshots for Meph. How are the new features on your translator doing?

And oh goodie, more social media listicles to play with! There are a number that go without saying, or that ended up being the same concept in multiple bullet points that made for clumsy emphasis, but there's plenty to inspire a list of my own:

It's apparently a demerit to mistreat someone, then to use as a weapon that someone's upset at mistreatment. So glad there's understanding of how someone might be angry when vilified, then proven correct.

Funny how the examples I used above fit a description of needing to be careful what one says, lest the mob turn on #themtoo, but more examples of demerits abound. Like making it someone else's fault for choosing to focus on a racist joke about the source of a global pandemic instead of news on the source itself. Quite sure I've already mentioned giving the benefit of the doubt to those who tried to reassure their listeners with certainty on how to deal with the resulting health issues - my mistake for having done so.

Adding this here because it's a much clearer example of having to watch what one says - how many people do teachers reach, and how closely is that reach scrutinized? It's more dangerous for being both pervasive and under the radar.

One would think not apologizing to the person insulted by name would be a demerit as well, one that's earned more than "special sensitivity training."

Thanks, 40%, for an archive of examples on how "playful" keywords in recommendations can get, and I mean more examples than just the screenshots. And let me also remember Meph's prior tutelage in such matters - I wouldn't have learned about tardigrades without it.

Adding this because still there, 豺狼 政权.

Ending with this for its mention of food-safe wood treatment.

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