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Commentary 3/25

Dang, when did this sports competition turn from ice skating to trampoline? Boing boing boing. おめでとうございました. Ah, now the costume makes sense - 我有我的报仇. Félicitations indeed.

Reading any articles that imply or outright state that vocab 美国 led the way in banning TikTok feels like sandpaper, especially knowing vocab 印度 did so long before Exhibit B bought the lobbying. (I would've said 'called it,' but there's a reason he's not Exhibit A.)

Or should I say instead that he and his ilk use the proverbial ring thinking it's little different from Animal Crossing?

At any rate, it's a gladsome thing to read of vocab 法国's continuing the progress towards 一百九十八.

And my, how the pinks sound so like 奴吏僭.

Despite 奴吏僭也怕.

Also, the contention over the sale of the ring sounds rather like the one over the balloon. (Like 你们豺狼 give a 大鼠的屁股 about investor confidence.)

Still, I must say how gratified I am to read about progress to 一百九十八, and look forward to similar strength in other arenas.

Ending with this because experiment.

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