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Commentary 3/28

Yes, early, but schedule and shush isn’t an option. Noting captions and subtitles later, likely.

It isn't exactly purses, or sports, or wine in themselves that I find to be a problem. Purses are 8 to 10%; traditional team rivalries and 豺狼 政权 atrocities aside, I'm relatively indifferent to sports; and wine can be medicinal as well as a tasty ingredient. However, I'm aware that these things among others have been and can be used as posturing and ingratiation in a competitive environment, and I respect that as much as I do most communicable diseases.

On a similar level do I set:

Chewy -

Projectors - ("likely")

Science deniers -

Junction Dwellers - (I would've used a clip from the sports network in question, but neither its site nor the video site I tend to use has one.)

Gaslighters -

Star charts - (hang on, I already said science deniers, didn't I?)

And 豺狼 政权.

Penultimate this because it's about time. (I think I commented earlier on their set design.)

Ending with this because, while I've seen similar ideas come through, I enjoy this sort of rerun.

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