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Commentary 3/4

Study material news broadcast just featured a story (right before the 饺子) whose sentiment I find entirely understandable. 豺狼 政权брат 是 锚. 我喜欢猫 (and dictionaries, and pronunciation cues), 不喜欢锚. And my near-inordinate glee at the sprouting of re-enactment soup ingredients is tempered by the information that garlic cloves need a clean root end - they'll tolerate some delay, but the ones from which I removed the skin and plate rooted more quickly. Noting 休闲 for ‘cultivate.'

Adding this article to reassure ick-apologist (I mean that sentiment entirely) and to take the odd chance that my effort extends his readership to some "aspiring young reporters and journalism school students."

Sigh. Fine, since clarifying the sentiment is a simple enough effort - I find it risible that ick-apologist still paints his 豺狼 政权 as the one wronged. Under that brush, rather, are those in this article for vocab 澳大利亚, 日本, 美国,

still there 微软;

and this article for

still there 豺狼 政权.

(In the course of his work, ick-apologist surely is aware that I could use plenty of other examples - I'm just choosing the more recent ones.) First time I found that


vocabulary term, I wasn't looking for it - I found it in the course of drafting a letter to an instructor. I know the term's

still there

because I checked again before I posted this. First time I found these views on war (or more accurately, the same view echoed in two stories) I wasn't looking for them - I'd just stumbled across an interesting period drama while channel surfing, and ran across the second while looking for info on the first.

I'm not quoting anyone when it comes to IME options - that's direct experience that can


be replicated by anyone who uses this tech. I am, however, quoting through video clips the words within that 豺狼 政权's works of fiction (and therefore highlighting a reflection of what values that 豺狼 政权 holds). Once is an accident, twice a coincidence; and one does not "let go" something this long-term, pervasive, and under-the-radar, especially with enthusiastic pinks (both little and otherwise) parroting party lines.

(Surely 女吏僭 knows she'd face a similar environment to her predecessor. Also, considering my experience with this IME and the relevant 汉字 has been 女奴怒, you're welcome.)

Adding these for onward to 50 and a recap on 一百九十八. (Yay list! Not yea.)

Adding this to ask if I understand correctly by tagging this video with the phrase "boundaries? what boundaries?"

Adding this in part to thank 40% (who has my emphatic, not empathic, feedback using the images in question) and partly for fun (>=D).

I've noticed an increase of keywords that demand silence as necessary for goodness. In acknowledgement, I add this.

Ending with this for beauty.

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