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Commentary 3/5

I asked a question earlier on 为什么 and whether there was a way to emphasize the emotional intensity of a statement in written form - the difference between asking "why?" and asking "WHYYYY?!" in 汉字. I think I might already have encountered the answer in 啊.

When it comes to the seeking of "peaceful reunification" in the same news day as an "appropriate" increase in military spending, is one meant to find the combination meaningful, or just 25-years-early sort of convincing?

It's not a question of security, 女吏僭, only of response to 你 的 政权 的 decision to continue a course of action despite facing an atmosphere of distrust. (Nice mask, by the way.) Those who face their own credibility problems will have their feet held to the fire one way or the other, but it's a laugh hearing 怒吏僭 spout "politicization" around this mess, with the enduring memory of 豺狼 政权 pointing fingers at vocab 美国 and 意大利 (at least - I might find news on another one... yep) while expecting forgetfulness regarding a common location.

It must be difficult for the pinks to resort to more covert methods of undermining ideological opponents when the facts don't support them, but in the current situation, it's not out of the realm of possibility that one might fulfill one's patriotic obligation for the price of a knockoff purse.

Ending with this because it's amazing what careful observation can accomplish.

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