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Commentary 3/6

Noting study material timestamp 1:40, and translators' notes galore! Not to mention 皇后 的 弟弟 again. 包儿饭 看 很 好吃. The uniforms, however, look a bit more contemporary, or at least they look more practical than Aesop-not-Aesop. Again with the memorial versus memorandum. Translators, you know I count the ways, but messages as in interoffice memos are more likely to be the latter. Wait, really? Crickets and roosters?

An observation that could only have been made after this span of time - for this batch of beans, at least, Trail of Tears sprouted first and fastest, while Scarlet Runner is... uh, still at the blocks, as it were. I thought it would be the reverse, with Runner beans being the larger of the two types and knowing the Runner seedlings were faster to develop when the seed stock was fresh. A reminder that Trails are closer to grocery store green beans in texture and flavor, that Runners have to be picked quite early to match them, and that I chose these types because they can be used in both stir fries and chili, both fresh and dried. Checking to see if there's a difference when soaking them before planting.

Acknowledging the effect (with a "gentleman," captioner, not "gentlemen") of a Tentacle Beast when I still respected it for books, if only in passing because of an under-the-radar admiral (and later ambassador) that's still worth a reread. The stats in the book written by his colleague were immensely dry, despite giving a much clearer picture of the events tied to them, but the details still make me want to get the civilian-authored book.

And considering what the Sundowner-in-Chief's doing on a network I much appreciate for its lack of commentary, acknowledging the keywords in my feed: I keep in mind the reason why I use the word "woke" as a derogatory term - it was an interesting list of movies. The related philosophy fits this projection rather well, and the article itself prompted me to take a look at the points the ad boy writer wanted to make, especially in religion, voting, and education.

When it comes to the first point, I see enthusiasm in this paint. When it comes to the second, I'm looking more closely at an example of procedures and the numbers in turnout when those procedures were implemented. When it comes to the third, the continuing effect of that philosophy shows in institutions that reach all ages. I think I'll keep slotting the term right alongside TB. (Uh. Yeah. Sure. The company too.)

A reassurance might be the SEO's sounding considerably more pink as these numbers decline (hey, Number 5!), and for the time being, I'm willing to attribute that decline to the way of thinking attached to that term. (Highlighting a point I am pleasantly surprised to find I restated: "the media will only get worse as they feel that power slipping away," in the article I linked to for "decline.") Speaking for myself, I don't mind dropping the term right where it belongs, if it means that the attached philosophy likewise rots.

Adding this for vocab 丹麦, and this for a direction in which - hey, 你们举了他.

Ending with this because contemplating how A forms under pressure, how B uses A as a core around which to compress, the excess burning off as it forms? It's a reprint that continues to feed.

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