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Compilation 3-1-21

- Taking out competing networks, attempting to eliminate news unfavorable to their own point of view, restricting journalists' freedoms. If the news is trying to convince me to keep the term "sickles," well, I sure can oblige. (Also, speaking of sickles, Darth Potato has a point. Why focus on appearances when there's enough fodder in those attempts at real news?)

- It seems like an admission, doesn't it, when the regime can't refute the expose on human rights violations, so it resorts to the usual attacks on the people exposing the regime. I'm glad I'm not the only one who finds this hilarious. And for additional giggles, you got stuff like this happening, which makes the stated desire for 和平共处 that much more of a joke. (Needless to say, I'm rooting for those who choose to stay engaged in these issues, no matter the personal cost to them.)

It's irrational to the point of hilarity for the regime to claim at this point that any impugning of its actions is exclusively from the West, but if I'm going to go with a Western source, one person in this article said it best - “Their idea [of respect] is to have the international community turn a blind eye to its violations of international standards.” Therefore it's always good to see more on just how tightly interaction with the regime is controlled, to keep an eye on how those violations are enabled.

- Let me try and sound something out. "Be Less Asian." Thoughts? "Be Less Black." Any better? "Be Less Hispanic." How about that one? The idea of racial superiority is not exclusive to one race, and if any of those earlier statements sound problematic, then I'm not surprised "Be Less White" does too; problematic to the point of removal, which is a pleasure to see.

- Why petition for the case to be dropped now? Because you got the rambler you stumped for? Not that the implication is needed, but calling the plaintiffs "money-grabbers" implies you have the resources, not only to grab, but also to edit the video in question. Then again, maybe a trial would find out whether or not any concern about exposing who the racist is in that mess is well founded. I'll have an eye on that as closely as I did on the awards show - what, was it last night?

- When last I read fanfic, I'd seen this happening to good stories, sanitized of the material that made them entertaining to read. The particular fic that comes to mind, one on the intricacies of hobbit sign language, was irrevocably damaged by such changes. That one was years ago - I can only wonder at how writers muzzle themselves now.

- Taking a moment to compare these headlines (as well as the link and headline in the first one - why the difference?). If writers insist on anthropomorphizing these animals in such a way, I find it most obliging of them to generate more reasons for me to choose cats over... well, them, really.

- Amended to add: The media has already proven willing to give the old man a free pass, and the only reason that behavior has lessened since the Lotus to POTUS joke is because there are more eyes on the matter. The "Most Trusted" tagline is obsolete for a good reason, sickles - get over it.

- Ending with this bit of old news because the proposed alternative uses for brine sound interesting.

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