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Compilation 3/10/21

Projecting much about that cancel culture versus policy thing? "Owning" an overinflated wishlist ('I dOn'T uNdErStAnD tHe oBjeCtIoNs fRoM tHe oThEr sIdE wHeN tHeY eNjOy [arts and entertainment] jUsT aS mUcH aS wE dO') and going further into debt when this is what's coming in? (Question - the graph in that last one uses percentages, so 41% of how much revenue, in the case of the first; and how do the percentages and actual values from the other 40 compare? More curating?) Whups, last year's numbers, updated from the year before. But when you're acting like a one-party state, what's another 1.9?

Here are some more details on the pension plans in the package, along with some more numbers that help determine how things get paid off.

- Just a reminder of a choice made - this is... uh.

- Here because try using either of those with risotto. Different dishes, different utensils; and considering hands developed long before these utensils did, so did methods for eating without those tools. (Note the upload date, Jeeves. I'm more accustomed to pushing with the pad of the thumb rather than the nail as this guy shows here, but both methods work.)

- 你们 不有 和平共处, and any 羞耻 on the part of those who chose to 堵嘴 themselves is deserved.

- Here's a suggested list of all the koalas to you!

- Ending with these because 1) this could be used elsewhere to great effect and 2) raising a glass to pulling off that Bob Ross look with beads.

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