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Compilation 4/21

Before I begin, I quite like having formatting tools as a bar above the text I enter. Now for the sandpaper.

- When encountering a regime willing to censor all available criticism, even when gently delivered by one who cares enough about its welfare to have served it, being outside the jurisdiction of such a regime affords a certain freedom to those who might choose to double down. (By the way, "trampling... on the international rule of law?" Good one, 伪君子, when 熊兄弟 and the 敌害 either ignore or hinder cooperation with international organizations.)

Here's another quote that brought a chuckle, one from this article: "It is unpopular to arrogantly instruct others and interfere in internal affairs." I hear some annoyance at not being the 国 with the hegemony (reading the article confirms the sense I got from the title - have a look at that quote on the arms race for another joke). Also, one might want to check what warnings go out about collusion. *Amended to add some articles about interference in internal affairs.

- I think the double from the double down may have stung someone, so while I'm doubling down - how many more faithful were martyred unnecessarily in a 兄弟's regime by the silence of a politician in a cassock? When tensions rise no matter how criticism is delivered, what good is silence, politician in a cassock? Does a person leave a religion when obedience to it counters one's - belief is a better word here, I think - or does one stay among those who defile both, politician in a cassock?

- This article makes a good point, I think, and has examples of the training used for similar weapons with different projectiles. Now if there's an explanation of how exactly one is meant to pay for this sort of training when so many calls from the one-party state wannabes are to defund (cough-Dorian-cough), I'd be much obliged to hear it.

- Fun with recommendations: I hear sunlight can be quite cleansing. Let's have some on these issues here, shall we, tentacle beast? Also, let me not neglect this article. (It's good to have within one's pocket multiple points through which to access news.)

- Huh. First I saw this, I heard this; but on further inspection, I think it's oddly this. Not my thing, but nice nevertheless.

- Ending with this article, not because it's a tonic (I'm keeping those particular cards close, though they're easy enough to find) but because it's an interesting question - preserve heat through different materials, different construction, or both?

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