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Compilation 5/18

Other than being curious about access to the coast, I don't know much about this situation, so I'm glad to read articles like this. Didn't know about the sisters' background, but I did know about the actress' citizenship. If memory serves, that citizenship requires military service; and both that citizenship and that term of service, as well as the family background on both sides, would better inform these people's arguments on this fraught situation than others who have come through the news cycle. For the actress to have to worry about cancellation is a fault, not on her part, but on the part of those who'd seek to cancel her.

Also also (with the awareness of bias on my part), considering the tendency of a 国 to forward their own ambitions even through risking what isn't theirs to risk, I raise an eyebrow at a shift in 他们 的 tone and the side they've chosen to support, despite (my inner cynic adds 'because of') the offer to mediate. I'm sure I'll be convinced of positive intent, given enough time. 十年, perhaps.

- An example of the same pattern regarding informed disagreement in another arena: never mind that this person has direct and extensive experience of the issue in question, she's horrible for countering the narrative of those around her; and my guess is that using her experience to inform that disagreement makes her argument that much more unpalatable.

- My favorite fictional characters have a certainty within themselves. Even within their own stories do they question their certainty, but they always come back to it. I don't see that certainty in the need to add term after term to age and sexuality, among other matters. It's language to divide, to fracture into smaller pieces, to be like sand rather than 'like water,' and these terms and definitions have to shift because of the comparable solidity within the neologists behind them. (Also, with a language so mutable over the course of weeks, this is almost expected.)

- Ending with this because holy crap, I see an uncle and two cousins in the faces of these boys.

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