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Compilation 5/4/21

Huh. Random article contains vid that turns into puzzle that links to channel surfing that sparks vid search to turns out I like this. I wonder if convoluted connections like these is why librarians loved the library before the internet existed. Back to the rant.

- I'm surprised at the news that's come through the feed. It's one thing to unearth old sports videos on the stand this person's taken; it's quite another to hear it from her (I disagree with the pronoun, but am willing to accommodate a choice made by an adult). This is knowing the first article I've linked to in this segment addresses both past sports experience (directly related to the point in question) and the environment of the place in which a related run for office has begun (the location prompts my surprise; the run, a reason to treat this announcement with a grain of salt).

- Maybe this is another convoluted connection or an oversimplification, but I'm looking at the people who are willing to take a stand for their countries (four's more on the way rather than at that point, but keep going, 熊兄弟, you'll soon get her there.) There are those with reason to ask if they have something worth taking a stand for (the article's round here somewhere - still don't like facial hair, but distinctive beard is distinctive). It may be a mess, but I think it beats the alternative. Reading this article, I feel I can take a breath and a stand. Reading this, I snicker at the sarcasm from the one who ought to be a diplomat and the irony of another who seems to have forgotten he isn't.

- Four more reminders (匈牙利 is new vocab) of why I‘m willing to accept this narrative rather than challenge it. (Apart from still there, 微软.)

- Yikes. If I'm interpreting this correctly, the first intended to increase awareness of the troubles of people she is (hilariously) not, as well as how those troubles affect their lives; while the second speaks of the first exacerbating the problems she's trying to alleviate. If the use of the term 'white supremacist' snaps a partisan-not-patriot into awareness of an effect directly contrary to what's intended (hashtag not helping), kudos to the speaker in the reply video.

- "StOp LyInG iF yOu WaNt KuMbAyA." There are statements at the end of that third article to which I see parallels in this one.

- I'm putting these articles together because, for all the crusading I've seen on the news about the state of the environment, the articles reflect a distinct somnolence that I thought the term 'woke' is meant to counter. Since these news manage to outdo even the Screwtape global grade rankings in my estimation, would it change things if a more palatable news source were to provide a return to awareness, dated though the article might be?

- Ending with this bit of took me a minute to see past the innocence of the statement to the cackleworthy N-necessarily-SFW slang beneath.

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