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I think I've already mentioned my resolution regarding the application of reading material to keep the peace means punting a problem further down the line; and if I have to wait for someone else to say what I thought, I would think that to be cowardice.

On that note, I'm glad to see these articles. I'd be interested in seeing the original on which they're based, but it'll come along soon enough. (Ta-dah.)

Glad to see this too - if one can fact-check the platform's new owner, one can fact-check any visiting sundowners as well. (The asterisk on that table means that companies to which this Act applies have numbers in the thousands in the second column. How is 55 "in the ballpark" of 14? Or is "ballpark" being reordered as "aiming for the stands and ending up the next state over?")

Adding this because according to the graph in here, the steepest part of the inflation spike started in roughly the first two months of last year. I'm still comparing that part of the headline to executive actions and financial regulations. The timing of the executive actions is more of a counter, but the regulations info shows consumer protection efforts that might support the statement in the headline. As for the second part of the headline, however, I compare information on record turnout in a highly contested state and in early voting percentages. (I think I've already mentioned something about complacency.) That information is entirely counter to the statement.

If growing up means sacrificing truth for harmony, Dorian, I'll leave that to the "adults" in the room, and see how my observations hold up against such people's statements.

And background noise, going with the context of thought and emotion behind art and literature, I'm thinking those are meant to be 'tenets' in the captions rather than 'tenants.'

Ending with this because yep, say it fast.

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