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I didn't really need any more reasons to believe that course correction is a foreign concept here, or here, or here. (or here, 微软).

But if I needed any further reasons to keep my vote as it is - since I'm already inclined to believe this (微软), I'm even more inclined to do so if this is true, especially since this is still in recent memory.

And since it's already been shown that those who support the challenger profit from and share an ideology with those who continue with this and this (more reruns, I see), I certainly don't mind doing my small part in recording my continued opposition to that challenger. (This question's a bit of a tangent, but what comparable historical examples of problems with bloated, exploitative companies [in completely unrelated news, this guy's out] were dealt with using capitalist policies rather than socialist ones?)

Thanks for the platitudes set to song. Do finish twerking to those production values and deal with policies related to the issues I didn't hear about in those emotive speeches.

(Edited to move things around and to sort of not entirely at all apologize for the joke.)

(Also, here. How many multiples of 十 ago is that?)

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