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Revisited some study material thanks to the reminder below - it's oddly reminiscent of something from home, and I wonder if TV&J are still around. In comparison - apparently "if you don't want to face any reactions from others, don't poke them in the first place... blah blah blah," 一个客. (Double-checked the 汉字 to ensure accurate character recognition - boo yah.) To paraphrase the presenter's Point, what agenda, indeed, is there here? (Poke poke.)

Not a surprise, but a chill amidst the chilling, that a 政权 would use a company within its sphere of influence to infiltrate in yet another way. (Adding this for another recent example, and this for a stovetop reminder.) The writer of the vid platform article does bring up the possibility that airing such news can be spun to the company's benefit. Perhaps that spin will work for some audiences - at any rate, cats and chickies aside, I've chosen my side of this issue.

Ending with this because - cheers to this achievement, but I'm nevertheless cackling. (The entire skit fits, actually. Beh-heh.)

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