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I like things that tie together, even when they're more tiring than expected. One finds unexpected bonuses on such occasions.

What interests me about this article is who counts this as a tempest in a teapot. They've already failed at their posts considering their profession, and their bias is clear in seeking to diminish their participation in this concealment. But such is life, as the excuse goes, when dealing with how messy a situation can be.

Adding this because it's probably a good time to remind everyone that the algorithm favored posts with which people interacted more often ("based on your past activity on the platform, such as the tweets that you have liked or engaged with") either positively or negatively, such as through spam spam spam spam spam spam spam spam spammity spam. (Snickering at the three languages. Reminder that there's an article exploring the effect of negative engagement on boosting conservative content, which is as easy to find as the blond kid interviewing Mr. Wet-And-Squishy.) Way to go, minions - back to Doofenshmirtz you go.

To quote a part of the reminder I used earlier: "if the truth about your conduct paints you in a bad light, the problem isn't with the truth; it's with your conduct."

Replacing a reminder of quotes and screenshots with notes on study material - 丝萝 和 (fixed) 王上 的 母后 在 这儿, 对不对? 王上 的 母亲 也 在 这儿 吗?I wonder if differentiating between 母亲 and 母后 is enough to make clear the difference between the birth mother and the adoptive mother in the line of succession, and if that was the historical method used. 今 她 的 姐姐 是 她 的 奴婢 在 Aesop 吗? (Comma placement matters!)

和 = 母后 和 母亲

也 = 很小 也 很可爱


Ran into a moment in the study material that fits my adding this to ask, 狼是谁?

Adding the following for still there 微软, therefore my temperature stays exactly where it is, with 豺狼政权 and those who further 豺狼政权 aims.

Moving this to penultimate because I wonder if linking to such posts is encouraging the better. Also, aww.

Ending with signal-boosts for these people, in order to encourage the better.

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