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Cultural enrichment

Cooking show with subtitles-not-captions this time. Apart from looking delicious, it had a bit of 点点 in the text, which fits the context of liquid being added to the - there are several terms for cooking vessel, so I'm guessing 炒锅 is the most accurate term for this one. Clear plastic bottle, clear liquid; but I don't know whether it was 水, 料酒, or something else. Guessing that the doubling up of that first 汉字 means emphasis here, as it wasn't a drip-drip so much as a steady pour - maybe a braise rather than a stew. (Aside - pouring over a book makes that book more difficult to read.)

Speaking of, it took me a moment to notice that one of the articles in my feed corresponds with the English translation of a dictionary entry I used only a few days ago, in relation to yet another keyword ban.

好自为之. (I wonder if that corresponds to 頑張って.)

耗子 尾汁. (The second vid and recent demographic information is why I find this surprisingly reflective of 智力低下 rather than 智力 - 女不要匹夫. And in the certainty that playing on words is a well-established thing, I play - 否夫, 批夫, 屁夫, 痞夫...)

Drat! Dude, play the ad again! Uh - context has stamps on paperwork and a red dress, which points to a rom-com trope with what, a 一年 time limit?

Adding this as a reminder that forecasts can make one complacent.

Adding this because interesting choice of words, Mr. Lomax. (Expanding the collection of non-answers airbrushed as snappy comebacks.)

Adding this because if it's true, did unfit-before-stroke really expect silence on this info? (And this because - where can one confirm a familiar-sounding DA's numbers? - I wonder if they'd feel safe enough to stay in-state. Then again, with enough connections and ammunition, they might.)

What the sweatshirt is wrong with you? She's pregnant, and she gets less food? Barring further context, 屁奶奶. Ooh, have fun choosing between 奶奶 and 妻子. (Two realizations: 1) accurate pinyin is crucial, therefore 2) IMEs only do what they're told, still-there-微软.) That's better - she's eating well now. And 你不说我 what? Whaat?

Belated addition - although I agree with давай, there are other reasons to signal-boost constituents over posers.

Oh, by the way - congratulations, Junction Dwellers, on your achievement! You've earned it.

Ending with this impetus for another look at aquaculture.

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