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Dancing on the bridge

A candle for he who brought out four lights and a song. I wonder if there's ASL for his fictional folk that doesn't involve what might be a canon slur; however, I once more find reason to be grateful for what I've deciphered.

Here's a bit of sweetness to assuage any qualms around what is discarded for profit .

Here's some softness to soothe what's riled up by those who betrayed their profession.

(Speaking of betraying their profession, adding this musing here because based on Tony's previous relationships, it's easy enough to throw a Meph-flavored red herring into the mix for any number of reasons; and I'd say that if he can acknowledge yet another set of children, but denies Mrs. Meph, it's more mud on these numbers that I find more credible a guy who can't keep a zipper up.)

Here's some light to give one's eye a reprieve from those who have helped infinitely more than I.

Ending with this because aw, how he dances!

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