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I think I'm a little bit better able to pick apart the dialogue by ear when it comes to the difference between study material that uses captions versus subtitles - something about extended vowels at the end of sentences or statements and the odd stoppage of a syllable, like catching air in one's cheeks in the middle of a word.

Still learning how to deal with years of misinformation in the feed; for those of this publication's contemporaries who seek to pit themselves against it, it helps to know "glass vial and oil slipped because mAgIc" listicles are the standard to reach their level of journalism. Such respect is what's due to any part of The Junction that still runs contrary to its function.

Adding this because whose illusion again, governor? (你有撒谎.)

Adding another look at the consequences of defunding as a reminder that it'll take more than walking back a slogan for me, fundraising e-mail, to gamble on the chance of receiving a call in which Mr. Lomax can - uh, misinform me directly instead of using the usual channels.

Adding this look at - how often have I mentioned term limits?

Adding this look at a deal that means ready the tissues. 他们有没有撒谎? Huh - fewer tissues than I first thought?

Ending with this because it ties in here.

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