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(It's not ALT+916) = 0

Cute redhead kid in a rerun of the moment, with an ending that must be an opiate to an industry known to use it so.

It's a process reorganizing information when the method used to access it doesn't account for previously stored material (how's it going, Meph?); however, it gets to enough material that I can say it's interesting that there's a mass mailer from an entity still trying to force, not make the suggestion of, a narrative of whose price hikes again? (Had to add this: quick on the draw there, with the photo op on the landing page!)

On that note, back to a reminder of 兄弟, with a beginning that seeks the opiate it receives only in stories (despite the Who's On First remake) and subtitles I can now understand are a looser translation than even this movie deserves.

Adding these articles (still there, 微软) to keep an eye on a world so small.

Ending with this because I wonder how many plants would supply enough for everyday meals. (Ah, ta-dah.)

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