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Dessert reminder

Aww, mini-left-enant.

It's been years since I believed in coincidence when it comes to reruns. Still prefer the stammerer in the movie to the one now (adding this because 'thanks, I think' fits), and Middler et al are proving to be more eye-seven than usual. (Seriously, if "cuffs" and bathing suits fit the definition of elegant dribbling into the feed ATM, I'd rather check out the other side of the SEO.)

Two possibilities I can guess at for this preemptive action - either 兄弟 的 涂饰 is too fragile to bear such a blow, or anything goes now that eye-seven's hands are so visibly tied. (Fist-pump figuratively, of course.) Also, going by the ads on multiple screens, this isn't the only spending going up.

Ending with this because the current rerun needs it at table.

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