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Didn't this happen last year?

I seem to recall an argument along the lines of forgetting the mistakes of one's youth when speaking about those in the youth of the present day, and yet a related issue is recycled in the news this go round. If one is meant to consider past flaws before speaking to today's activists, then why not consider past experiences as well, even if they disagree with those activists' views?

Old they may be, but I think I'd rather listen to the people who left regimes like the ones endorsed by the clown chick's candidate. Listening to those who lived under a system that proposed solutions to similar problems, and who experienced the results of that system, would present a clearer picture to those who have yet to vote. Not to mention doing so might be a sight better than heading over to see for myself just what a state under that system is like in the present day, though I'm also curious just how much fun it would be to visit such a place with a big grin and a baseball bat.

By the way, those slaps from a government under a related system sound rather like those from 北韩, which does nothing to reduce the perception of hostility, though I doubt that perception's a priority anymore. Keep on swimming over there - maybe without the drugs this time.

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