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Do the characters match the context?

Pretty difficult to keep up this sort of pretense for years, isn't it, with different news outlets from different parts of the world? And considering the 汉字 used in 微软's IME, you don't believe them to be capable. Either the people you look down upon, an attitude evident in your very language, are telling the same big 谎言 over a period of years, or 十年 君子 are. Consider who has the resources to better sustain 假话 levels of duplicity. On that note, while I'm wary of eliminating a source of information, consider whose network's just got booted out - "yeeted" if I've grasped modern parlance correctly. (Also keeping an eye on developments among people and watercraft.)

Here's another rerun on a neighbor.

Here's some action on two other neighbors.

And here's some more on another continent.

I should be accustomed to 诈语 out of 敌害 by now.

Also - if this is on camera, it's goose and gander time, Madam Term Limits. You can go without ice cream for a bit, can't you?

Ending here because I wanted a girly moment (one guess which inappropriate relevant video fits) - though of course the shoe hasn't broken down, seeing as the wearer never walked in them.

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