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Does Arachne work with Clotho?

It's fascinating which details movies decide to weave together in the interests of storytelling. The roofing and rebar feel familiar, but one's hard-pressed to find a street so clean or walls clear of even a Post No Bill. And cinematic chases aside, it's certainly a fiction for the traffic to run that smoothly! (Oh, and the sister was right. Reunion, detective?)

In the continued interests of playing with keywords - yeesh, Dube, what crazy person organized those tags? Astrology makes sense tied to Space, but in what sort of stupor was the tech to shunt that keyword into Technology or Health? Or is it just that effective a snake oil sales term?

For all that virtue signaling, autism is still treated like it's damage. Not to mention one doesn't put that sort of weight on a child at such a young age, but on a parent who's more about purses than sense. (Tangent - I'll applaud when those who've threatened to emigrate actually do.)

Adding this because "there must be consequences for such a deeply destabilizing action and a hostile takeover of our democratic institutions." (Cue cards to Summary Point #5.)

Adding this and tying Option #2 to swimmers.

Reviewing these two for that anecdote on language and music; keeping them because they go against the feed.

Adding this to keep an eye on vocab 中国 and 俄罗斯 - 俄中 is the term for the unlimited partnership.

Adding this for those who are apparently not good with government correcting its overreach. (Since it's apparently TL; DR - your body, your choice? They agreed, it isn't and wasn't theirs.) There are other available methods to address the problem, and those with more capacity to do something besides Walter's Wife-ing about it.

Ending with a beauty of a pun.

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