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Double douze

- 'Stop me if you can' sounds too much like a flick, but at least it looks like somebody's really giving it a go. Good on them.

- Truth and beauty in the arts? Imagine my surprise when an earlier comment on bankruptcy extending past the financial turns out to be true. I would feel a twinge about including the musical in that set of articles, considering it did cross something off an earlier list, but I'd say the article about it belongs alongside the others.

- A street nearby was well known for its holiday decorations (because woke doesn't like Christmas), and I have pleasant memories of driving by, looking and enjoying, then driving away. It's not like they purposely flaunted it on social media and sought the opinions of others. Way to be a rhymes-with-class, Scrooge.

- Why was meat consumption predominant here? An article I'd read earlier mentioned something about animals converting plants that humans couldn't eat into food humans could eat. That have something to do with it? Also, while I'll acknowledge that these farmers need support, it seems like they get more of it than those nearer by.

- When this sort of thing is going on, it's tempting to agree with the argument being made here, but it sure would be nice if they could make these kinds of choices on their own, on the regular.

- Keeping an eye on things? No one minds if I 看 news on these issues as well, do they? Someone has to, if the sickles prefer averting their gaze. (Still there, 微软 - I've been checking, so do check your messages if you haven't yet.)

- It's almost as if this aggregator can't decide how to assume a vibe-tribe pairing. I may like comedy, but this is a joke. Nevertheless, among articles on divorce, fiancees and big houses, and instructions on how to trigger the obsession of a (here's your sign) man, I'll end this post with a topic I actually don't mind reading about once more.

Enjoy the weekend!

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