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Drat. I wanted that soup.

Caught a tasty one that I was considering posting about in a compilation of soup recipes. While it didn't really need any more than two ingredients (cubed butternut squash and chicken stock, because sod PC) and one piece of machinery (an immersion blender rather than a freestanding one, especially considering scalding liquid and openings narrower than a saucepan is wide), I'd consider:

- frying the squash in garlic and butter (because once again, sod PC - also butter),

- adding thyme (because it's good no matter who endorses it),

- and topping it with yogurt (only check the container before making that purchase - depending on the brand, there can be minimal difference between the label of a just-right-sour plain yogurt or a wrong-sort-of-sweet vanilla yogurt).

Also, a network covering a candidate's supporters use of abusive language en masse in order to force critics into silence? How catty.

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