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Duplicate, dupe.

The music is familiar, strings contrasting with gunfire, and yet I still don't know the artist or title of the piece that accompanies the Latin. (Got it. How the alternate mental image diverges.) Also, that guy's Japanese has an accent.

Wondering whether that crudité e-mail was supposed to be sent out twice. (If title, then duplicating shorthand = duping?) In response, A) cats are still more appropriate and B) caveat usor indeed.

Moving this to emphasize the wonder at how "consistent headlines detailing the declining quality of the company’s search results" ties in to Heil Meph's videos; condolences to the young woman who isn't as she's been described, and thanks to the linked article for illuminating the effort at severing an arm (fits the current backdrop!) of hop-right-in culture's encouragement (a set? Also, 13) of its pawns to buy into its cheap meme sweatshop plastic. (Adding these articles because either A. Sober Me and Drunk Me agree or B. Sober Me works alone. And the feed answered quick on the question of which option hop-right-in chooses.)

I don't like catfish. (Still tastes like what it lived in.)

Adding this because still there 微软 - "unease," 酒肉朋友?

Noting that, enjoyable as it is, the current backdrop's continuity sucks (and these hamsters I like). Two thumbs down on current circumstances (still got rocks on the sidewalks?) that make a fictional setting so close to real. (Heads up, Lomax.)

Ending with these articles because ties bind. (Not the set.)

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