Eat the damn samosa, grump.

I don't like them either, but they're not going to kill you. (I think. See asterisk below.)

That's my voting done for this part of the year. Did I choose someone endorsed by a fictional character? Or did I choose between two people endorsed by an article with as much clarity of choice as some people have critical reading skills? Maybe I voted for someone whose efforts on behalf of the country I'm less likely to question (however much the media enjoys doing so) but whose administration has nevertheless seen the alienation* of old allies on all sides at a time when they're needed against a government that's declared an enemy, jailed a bookseller, endangered its own people with disease, banned foreign journalists, and still presents its tech as 'what, this little thing, a threat to democracy?'

Or, and here's the crazy part, I could have voted for someone the way I usually do - with a fill-in candidate, with what information I can find, and who has nobody's endorsement but my own.

But enough about that, because food and pronunciation are more important. Aloo gobi kicks, because cilantro.

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