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Huh. Yam Stir-Fry?

I'm both gratified by and annoyed at the reminder that communication between dialects is facilitated by a common writing system - 这个, 吃, 热 I can pick out at speed without recognizing a word from those I'd wager are more likely to write in traditional. And I don't know if 汉字 et français (ALT keys yay! Not yea.) has the river orchid dude, or if he and actors like him are the male example of scary stewardesses with the same plastic surgeon. Dude, 角 is the same in both IMEs!

One expects the issue in this article to be a petty concern (must check the info on regional versus international flights!) to the slinking, stinking Skeeters who have spent years being the dictionary definition of gaslighter, and who from the toilet-paper tabloids to the grayest of ladies remain unchanged in their defense of one whose policies and political peers weaken in the name of compassion, reducing the capacity to provide that compassion in the first place.

How's the border, Lotus? I ask. Which one? she might respond. How's vocab 台湾 doing, Madam Term Limits? Bit drone-y? How's government work, Dorian? Political office affecting the box office any? How's the budget, Finger-the-Mirror? Need more to boost, or are the numbers off? And to top off this collection of facepalm - from a few months before this shining example of virility (do I have to say /s?), here's an answer on how to caption MPHFMFMMFMFMNRPHFHMRM.

But the rest of you lot need your opiates - do continue to double down on yet another version of hammering your jawlines to complement the filters and wallbenders (entirely improves [/s] the look of a bender with - does one customarily drink a Harvey Wallbanger with a straw?), and make the video screencaps all the more expressive of sad delusion on listicles I laugh at and on apps I don't use. (Though to be fair, you're making it difficult to side with you, Tony.) For my part, I'll keep my cheeks (two going on four) nice and round, thanks.

(Huh. Reviewing that drink recipe: A. one could drink it with a straw; B. it sounds kinda tasty.)

I will acknowledge and applaud all efforts to counter a 豺狼政权, economic, technological, diplomatic, or otherwise. Therefore, keeping a weather eye on those who, within entertainment and practice, have historical and contemporary precedent on record.

Adding this for an eye on technocracy - yeesh, muzzling even that, poor thing?

To tie the two segments above - how soon to 199-ish? (Pip pip.)

Ending with this because babies are cute. (Duck-sized horse!)

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