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Now that's new. Dialogue in one language captioned in another, where both mean the same thing! I don't understand enough of it to know what 三个月's worth of time has to do with anything, though. 他可以做什么? Wait? And what's with dropping the kidney beans? Not sure if the link is the same issue as was on the news, but 俄国 recognition at speed! Noting this because it's unlike several other countries whose characters have sounds corresponding to the standard pronunciation. Such as 加拿大; 意大利; still there, 微软...

It seems as if those who tend to associate meat with violence are the ones more able to access what's processed more closely to their ideals, say through regenerative farming projects that use more humane methods of livestock raising incorporated into their crop and pest control, so is there a reason for any person with a platform and resources likely beyond my own to complain instead of signal boosting such projects? Or did those projects stop existing once their hashtags stopped trending? One could encourage the growth of these projects through means available to oneself. Then again, one could keep waiting for political intervention, but it seems the barometer of "milk and apples" is busy at the moment. (Bookmark point for financial news article that made the literary comparison.) How much longer remains to be seen.

Adding this to keep an eye on progress to 一百九十九-ish.

Adding reminders to those responsible for such openings, and supplementing reminders with a bit of good news. (I'd best include this as well, though I'm not sure how to sort it.)

Ending with this for the weather and to wonder about that woman in a puff piece with a messed-up wedding dress. Screenshots and memory!

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